Sojourner Truth Magnetic Personality Finger Puppet/Magnet

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Sojourner Truth left the captor who violated the New York Anti-Slavery Law of 1827 and reneged on his promise to liberate her, later informing him, “I did not run away, I walked away by daylight… .”

Though she was born an enslaved person and denied an education, Sojourner Truth changed her name and used her considerable abilities to become one of the nation’s most formidable orators. Abolitionist, women’s rights activist, anti-segregationist, Sojourner Truth was a one-woman brigade fighting to reclaim the country’s self-evident and unalienable rights.

What are you waiting for? Let Sojourner Truth inspire you every day.

A puppet on your finger, a magnet on your locker, filing cabinet, or fridge.

Approx. 4" tall.