Baby Yoda Cloth Face Mask

Baby Yoda Cloth Face Mask

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Handmade with double-layered 100% cotton with ear elastics. Dart at the nose and chin so they fit a variety of faces, and a pocket for a filter (1 comes included). Elastics color vary depending on availability. Masks are pre-washed and dried on hot for shrinkage, and can be washed after each use (recommend using a mesh bag).

- Ear elastics are adjustable, and many like these for quick on-and-off of masks. They can be uncomfortable for longer periods of time. Elastic does not hold up as well to repeated machine washing and drying.

Filters are N85-equivalent double-layered polypropylene shop towels. * Fabric placement will vary

** These are not medical-grade masks or filters. These are for personal use, and we make no claims that these will prevent you from contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Comes packaged in plastic ziploc pouch with instructions for wear and care

Handmade in Pacifica, CA